Sunday, 3 June 2012

Maintaining TV Silence

Another quiet day. I am more than pleased to say that Mary-Jane, Mommy and Daddy had a good nights sleep last night. MJ had a bit more about her today, but not enough to take her out. I was still a bit jaded and not up for mixing socially. I didn't get to see any of the Thames Pageant (I only wanted to watch a bit) as HK wasn't entertaining the idea of watching any of it. Never mind. I was going to cook a quiche or do some biccies, but wasn't much up for that either.

This evening I turned the TV off and worked on The Doily. I did eight rows. The last stitch count was 320 stitches. I am about to start row 89 of 100. I reckon two more undisturbed evenings and I may well have it completed. I didn't think it would be so quick to do. Very encouraging.

I've been eating Peeps. They are more than more-ish. I can't get them over here, if I could I think I'd get a job lot of them. The ones I had are chocolate mousse marshmallow bunnies. Scrummy Yummy.

All I can see when my attention drifts is yarn overs, k2togs and skp's. Time for bed!

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Unknown said...

OH Ceri, I already knew that you were wonderful but finding out that you like Peeps just makes you even more wonderful!

Peeps are one of those love-it-or-hate-it treats, very popular in Easter baskets but lots of people don't actually eat them. I do. I love them-as long as they are fresh. (They don't have a long shelf life.)

And a must read for any Peeps fan is the Peeps Quintuplet Separation Surgery: