Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Baking For Beckermet WI Bring And Share

Tonights WI meeting included a Bring & Share, to commemorate the Jubilee. I made some fork biscuits and some cupcakes. I have been wanting to make fork biscuits for a few weeks now. They have turned out well and I now have them on the 'to do again' list. I'll post the recipe over the next few days.
I then made a batch of cupcakes. I had some pink spotty paper cases so I decided to do pink cakes with chocolate chips. The toppings were fondant. I have not done any sugarcraft for quite some time. I thoroughly enjoyed what I did today. And they came out well, I'm even more pleased with that. It all helps build confidence. I used some of the equipment I got in the post the other day.
I did three different toppings, just to vary them - and use different things! These were from a set of four ejector type cutters (I can't fro the life of me think of the proper name for them at the moment) I was quite inspired to use two different colours for the flowers, I thought it made them stand out more.
I was very pleased with these, probably partially because they were so easy to do. The swirls are made using a rolling pin with the pattern pritruding from it. Again, the technical name escapes me. But that is all you do - roll the paste out with a smooth normal pin, then with this fancy one, then cut the shape out and there you have it!!! I will look out for more of these pins - I know there may be some on ebay where I got this one from...
An ariel shot. The last design I did was with letterning. Again a very simple technique - roll out and cut the sugarpaste, place on the cake then emboss. The letters are from Cake Decorating Magazine and the flowers are the same as the ones I used earlier. I did colour the paste pink as well.
The Food Table. All very delicious.
Our speaker was Tony Calvin who spoke on 'Digging up the past'. He collects bottles and such things from the Whitehaven area, all from way back when. Some were over a 150 years old. A lot f the bottles were marked with local breweries and were made locally in Whitehaven. I found it interesting and was ready for a cuppa at the end of it.

I still haven't finished Lydia Cresent. I am on the penultimate row. It'll not happen tonight. There is tomorrow though!

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