Monday, 11 June 2012

Olympic Cushion Dis-chuffedness

I had a relaxing afternoon at the Woodlands Cafe Knitting Group. I took Lydia Crescent. I was about to work a few stocking stitch rows, so it was ideal. I have been doing a bit more tonight. I am now on row 89/96. 96 is actually the cast off row. My ball of yarn is now getting worryingly small, and I am starting to get concerned as to whether there will be enough. I wouldn't like to guess how I would feel if I ran out of yarn. My plan A if I do is to take it back to the section I have just finished and take out two rows of stocking stitch. I think I might permit myself to think about the next project. No not think, decide. I have a cloth to do for a swap. I shall do that when Lydia is finished. I might just use one of my newly dyed skeins. Oh and maybe a Jane Austen Shawl, if the yarn matches up.

I have found out today that the Olympic Cushions that I participated in has hit the rocks. Apparantly the cushions will not be given out to each and every athelete as the space the stand would have taken in the olympic village is needed by commercial sponsers. Atheletes can ask for a cushion if they want one. Originally the London ORganising Committee for the Olympic Games initially said that volunteers ffrom the Woolsack Project could distribute them to the atheletes. But now in apparant fear of angering commercial sponsers, they have reneged on the deal. LOGOC have cited 'logistical reasons' for deciding not to continue with the project. I'm bloody livid - and flabbergasted.

However it never dawned on me that I when I was asked if I wanted to help with cushion stuffing at the Woolfest, that it would be to do with this. It didn't enter my head that these beautiful pure British Wool Cushions would not reach olympic atheletes. I have a feeling that the story does not end here.

We have also been informed, at Woodlands, that there is some kind of Wool Organisation stallat Gosforth Show, that may need to borrow examples of work, to exhibit (rather than 'show'). I have been given the contact details of the lady that is running it and I am to mention the name of the lady who told us about it. The first lady's name is not unfamiliar to me, but I just can't place her, other than vague WI connections. I shall see what that is all about.

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