Friday, 15 June 2012

Revontuli And Pi Thoughts

Since yesterday, as I told you, I couldn't decide what to cast on next, and that there might have been an epiphany waiting in the wings. Today I have still had the thick head from yesterday, not as bad but persistant. I wasn't able to think joined up thoughts, despite trying. My brain was full of holes. I did think to unvent a Pi shawl. I thougth about doing celtic knotwork. I found my book of charted knotwork and my creative mind was trying to kick in, but I just couldn't follow through with the joined up thinking to plan the design. My head gets like this when I have a migraine, cognitive functioning goes out of the window. I know my plan with the knotwork will work, but need to size it up and get the stitch number correct and find a knotwork that will work! Easy when you know how!

In the end I decided to give up thinking about designing a knotwork Pi till my head is clear. I couldn't decide whether to start a Half circle Pi Hearts shawl in the red I dyed or a Revontuli in the Caldbeck yarn. Then it struck me, why decided? Why not do both?! I agreed with myself to do that and cast on Revontuli. I have wanted to do this shawl for a good few years. It has taken me about 2 hours to do the first 25 rows, going from 5 to 51 stitches. But I persevered and got there. Now when I look at it, I am starting to hold the opinion that I chose the wrong yarn for this shawl. The colourways in all the pictures, or rather the colour changes, are long colour changes - like stripes, the yarn I am using is very short coloru changes. I don't want to lose the stitch pattern in the yarn. I am grudgingly thinking of frogging it and finding a different yarn for the pattern and another yarn for the pattern.

Normally I would do anything than frog something that has taken me two or three hours to do. On the upside, I have worked properly from a chart, something I have avoided like the plague. I have also taught myself left and right slanted increases, from a book mind. So I have learned and achieved quite a bit tonight, that is good. I'll not frog it tonight. I will have a think of what to use. Something like a Noro perhaps. It will come to me. Or something I could dye myself. I did want to do some long colour changes. Well, there you go, things have a way of falling into place.

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