Saturday, 2 June 2012

Not Much Sleep And Reduced Circumstances

It has been a relaxing day for us. We have all been very tired. Mary-Jane had one of her worst nights last night. Second worst perhaps. The evening went well, then she awoke around 11, and it went down hill from there till perhaps gone half four. I won't bore you with details. Poor little thing - Mary-Jane, she was so tired and each time I put her back on her bed, she had asked to go back to bed, she either couldn't settle or couldn't settle for more than a half hour or so. She was so tired herself. She has struggled today, but done her best. I took her up about half hour early. I asked her if she wanted to go to bed, 'Yes please Mommy'. I can't argue with that. I just hope she gets a decent night tonight, for her sake and ours.
I have been carrying on with the Doily. It is coming on well. I see no pesky yarn overs that may make me go wrong. I have just started row 80. From the next row, I think it will be strictly TV off and full concentration. It is such a shame that when it is finished, it will be photographed then packed away. We have nowhere to put it or display it and that is without considering whether MJ could get at it. On the bright side, when we do get a home of our own again, I can have it on show there.
I found a wonderful phrase in Jane Austen Knits, that is a quote from one of her novels - that we are of 'reduced circumstances'. Looking at the passage in JAK, I can only assume that it is JA who coined the phrase - it could well have been Joanna Johnson, who designed the Margaret Dashwood Shawl. I quote 'I imagine one of the first things a young lady in reduced circumstances (living in a drafty cottage by the sea, no less) would need for her wardrobe is a pretty but functional everyday shawl.' I am inspired more to make this particular shawl now - I did have my eye on it, I have done similar-ish ones before. Saying that, I am sat here with my Winter Apple Shawl about me and I'm loving it.
It needs 550 yards of a double knit. I can feel some stash surfing going to happen......... Oh and I thin I may have missed Pride & Prejudice on the telly. It is on it's second repeat this week, lets hope I can find a third!

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