Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lydia Crescent Shawl On The Go Again

Mary-Jane had an unsettled evening again last night. We are now trying a new ploy of only going into her once, then letting her cry (as long as it not a 'there is something the matter' cry). It is very difficult to sit and listen to her cry and scream, but she has to learn that playing with Mommy and Daddy on their bed during the night is not preferable to sleeping. She has been restless in her sleep this evening so far. There has been quite a few times I have heard her murmer, held my breath and thought she would awaken.

Last night I cracked on a bit more with Pi Shawl. I made the increases to 288 stitches and did three knit rounds. Over the course of today, I have been thinking more about having a shawl to wear (and show off) at the Woolfest. I had a look at for a few small ones, then decided to see how I got on with Lydai Crescent Shawl. I put this down a while ago as I was too weary and not able to concentrate on it. On the back of the spiral doily and continuing with Pi Shawl, I thought that I will finish Lydai rather than start another.

I then hit a bit of a mental block. As I had to stop Lydia previously, I got to think that it was going to be too difficult to do. I challenged this thought. I looked at the picture of the shawl - which had been modelled inside out in the pictures of the magazine - and looked at the pattern. The lace work was easy to remember - the repeats were around 11 items long, including 4 yarn overs. So not too bad.

I sorted where I was, made sure that I hadn't left an mistake for correcting and started knitting. I have done five rows and now have 481 stitches. The stitch count goes up to 528. I have 17 rows to do in just over a week and a half, and that is giving me a day or two to block it. Easy. That may also allow for unsettled evenings as well.

Oh and I have been given a tip of how to down load more pictures without having to pay or upgrade or anthing daft like that. It is a bit late now to ge trying it, hopefully over the enxt day or two!

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