Sunday, 10 June 2012

Buffalo Bake


Blogger is quite happily driving me nuts as I can't work out how to get photos on here from Flikr - apart from this one! And I don't know how I managed this one and not any of the others. One photo, it is a start. Blogger keeps telling me that the images are downloaded, but where they actually are is a mystery to me. Help.

Back to the story

Above is Mary-Jane and I taking a break on our walk on Cold Fell last Monday. Mary-Jane has a mouth full of biscuits.

I have unvented a new dish. I have called it Buffalo Bake. I fried off some mushrooms and onions, then added some quorn mince (you can use meaty mince if you want). After a few minutes I added about 400g Buffalo Wing Sauce (could've done with more, but didn't have any). I let this simmer for a few minutes then turned it off. I boiled up enough pasta for four portions. Then I mixed 500g natural plain yoghurt (I used so much to compensate for not as much buffalo sauce as I wanted), 300g philadelphia, two eggs and a good chunk of cheese (type and amount to personal preference, I think I used about 4 oz). I then put the cooked pasta in the mince and mixed then put in an oven proof dish. I then covered this with the sauce and baked in the over (180/gm4) for 25 minutes. Very, very scrummy! HK was quite taken up with it. It can of course be added to however you want. We had it with a garlic baguette. Experiment a little!

I have been working on Lydia Shawl. I was two stitches out, then I had one less in one section and one more in another. This took a while to sort out. And this is when I thought I was on an easy straightforward section. Serves me for thinking such thoughts! All is well with it now, jsut wish I had got another row or two done this evening. At least Mary-Jane is having a good-ish night so far, only a few murmers.

We took her for a short walk in Egremont this morning. From the bottom car park, ontop the main road/high street, then up to the far end and back. She was tired when we got back to the car. I did see that outside the pet shop (I'll have to check) had been yarn bombed in red, white and blue! I will try and get to see again tomorrow and maybe take a picture. Tomorrow is also Woodlands Knit Club, am looking forward to that.


Unknown said...

dumb question...did you add raw or cooked eggs to the dish before baking? it sounds very yummy.

CarpeDyem said...

They were raw, I mixed them with the philly, yoghurt and cheese, as part of the sauce