Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pie And Shawls

Busy-ish day today. I have got around to blocking Lydia Crescent. Looking at it, I know I should have blocked more points. My knees were aching from kneeling down, so..... I do wonder whether the lower tips should've been curved in a little. I am sure it will wear well.

I have also made a Quorn and Mushroom Pie. I sued condensed soup as the sauce. I used bought pastry and it has turned out so much better. HK was very pleased with it.

I have taken some photos of yarn bombing in Egremont. I am awaiting a few more photos to be emailed to me, then I can share them with you. These other photos are from when the yarn bombing got put out, before some items got stolen. Yes Stolen. Can you beleive it? I wish I couldn't.
I have also had my first letter from my dear friend Carol. I was chuffed with that. I'll not go into the why's and wherefore's of Carol's Story, it is long and complex and not always a pleasant Story to tell.

Mary-Jane woke up early this morning and was down stairs by 6.30 so I have been tired most of the day. Early night for me.I have almost been too tired to knit (and that is saying something!). I have only done two rows and that has been pushing it. I did want to write to Carol this evening, that shall be knocked on the head till tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Have you tried blocking wires?

CarpeDyem said...

No I haven't - not yet! I used good old fashioned dress making pins, as that was all I had. I will lok into wires and see how they work

Unknown said...

I guess blocking wires are used for creating the straight edge, not the points. Here's a link to a Yarn Harlot post about her substitute blocking wires. She also includes links. You could also use a stout fishing line. HK has some, right? :)