Friday, 22 June 2012

Woolfest 2012 Day 1

The first day of Woolfest 2012 is so sadly over. I spent the whole day there, well till about twenty to four. The rain is noteworthy of a mention. I was a helper with The Woolsack, stuffing Olympic Cushions. These cushions will need a post of there own - there is now a lot of 'people power' happening and things are moving in a very positive way - more of that tomorrow! Yes going back tomorrow. I am feel quite proud to be a small part of this Olympic Cushion Movement.

I was able to have quite a good look around and could've spent an absolute fortune of yarn. I watched a beading demo by Anniken Allis, and am now busting a gut to do something with beads. I have purchased some orangey beads and a 0.5mm crochet hook. It did cross my mind to start the orange shawl tonight, but that would mean balling up my skein of orange yarn before I started, and that would take too much time, for this evening. So I stuck with Revontuli. The rows are getting longer now. I am on row 91/148. I was worried that I may have to add extra rows, but am thinking now that I may not.

I digress! I spoke with Gerald from I Knit London. Oh and I bought a skein from Easy Knits - they have the most gorgeous colours of yarns, really bright and bold and deep. Some colours I haven't seen in yarns. I shall sign up for their newsletters etc. The colour way I got is 'Green Lanterns lights', 100% superwash Merino 100g/400m.

The animals were wonderful. There was some very noisy sheep that could be heard above the very heavy rain. The rain was that heavy, that it was coming down the steps as a waterfall.

I bumped into lots of people I knew, including Nancy and Lynn from Knitterati at Great Gate. I was thrilled and grinning away.

I forgot to take my camera, but will try to remember tomorrow. Oh and the shawls and knitwear people were wearing! Beautiful! I did see a girl wearing a Revontuli so I spoke with her and said to her that I was in the process of working one.

Roll on tomorrow for more!

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