Saturday, 16 June 2012

Revontuli Shawl Continues

I have started to become a little pre-occupied with shawls. I have nipped it in the bud however. I was set on making the Revontuli and the Pi Hearts Half Circle. Last night as you know, I cast on Revontuli then decided that the yarn was not right due to short colour changes. I thought to use a skein of Filigran by Zitron. It is in beautiful dark greens with some dark red. I had breifly seen that someone had used ot to do Revontuli. I decided to double check and see what theirs turned out.

There are a lot of Filigran projects on Ravelry. However, I did not see any with the desired long colour changes.I re-examined my Filigran. Sure enough, it didn't have brilliantly long colour changes, they were howver more subtle that the yarn I had started with. I did fond a few other shawls that were rather lovely looking, which I have saved to my queue.

I finally went in my knitting bag to look at what I had done and decide from there. I found that Mary-Jane had been standing on my knitting bag and had snapped on of my 4mm cubic needles. I was not a happy bunny. At that point I thought 'bugger it' and carry on with what I had started the night before and as a bonus start watching 'Pride and Prejudice' (the one with Colin Firth). So I did. I will not get my desired stripes this time and in doing so I will not drive myself to distraction in deciding what to do. The colours are quite reminscent to me of the Northern Lights - which is what Revontuli means.

Revontuli is so much easier than what I ever thougth it would be. I have been familiar with the shawl for a few years and always seen it has difficult. I have not looked at the pattern for quite some time. Now my fear of charts is disapating, it seems very easy and straight forward. My knowledge and experience of knitting is getting bigger and better.

To help stave off my pre-occupation with shawls, I looked at shawls on Rav, 23 pages of shawls. I don't particularly want to look at many more. I am getting a much better idea of what I like about a shawl and what will catch my eye. Always helpful.

This afternoon I went to a Rummage Sale at Santon Bridge. I met with friends M, S and LA. We had a cuppa and a scone after. The raspberry jam was noteworthy. I didn't buy much. It was a nice blow out, shame really we didn't stay out for longer!

MJ having some finger food. She clambered into the corner herself, she usually doesn't eat here.
Mary-Jane enjoying some 'magic' painting for the first time. It's one of those where you just add water and the colours come through. She loved it!

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