Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Buttercream Wars

I have been working on my swap cloth this evening. My eyes are a bit achey, I think with concentrating. The end is not quite nigh with it, maybe only one more pattern repeat, maybe two, I shall have to see after one repeat. It is very pretty, but soooo time consuming! There are more stitches knit/purled through the back of the loop, that stitches knit normally. I have not known a cloth take so long to do. Worth the effort though.

This afternoon, after HK had signed on and we had done the recycling, got the mid week essentials, got home etc etc etc, I went to LA's for a cuppa. A welcome calm oasis. I had a pot of tea put next to me and was offered scones that were made that morning, along with home made jam - one was damson and the other plum. Beautiful. Calming. Soothing. We were chatting that much that I didn't even unzip my knitting bag.

I have poured over my cake decorating books again, trying to decide which cakes to make tomorrow. I think the choice is too wide. I am gettting a good idea of what I shall make. Then came the Buttercream Wars. My head gave up the ghost. Initially I was trying to find what quantities or ratio there was when a recipe called for say 250g of buttercream. I looked throught the main book, but could not see anything. I then thought innocently to google it. As with all thigns baking, everyone has their own recipe, and everyone comes from more than one country so methods of weights and measures are different. I tried not to growl at this point. I could pass over different flavours of buttercream. But then there was buttercream filling and buttercream icing, not to mention swiss buttercream.

I recognised the symptoms. Step away from the laptop. T'internet overload was heading my way. My plan is, in the morning, I shall once more look through the main book foresaking all others, select two cupcakes with given topping decoration and make them. Put my blinkers on, make a decision and crack on will be order of the day.

The cupcakes are an order for someone. More about that after the event.

Mary-Jane has so far tonight, been enjoying a restful night. She has been very tired to day, making - and using - a nest in the front room. Again she asked Daddy to lie on the floor with her, at one point she snuggled in really close to him. She didn't sleep though. A good night tonight and tomorrow night might get her back on track.

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