Monday, 25 June 2012


Mary-Jane had her third disturbed night last night. So far there have only been a few murmers, so fingers crossed. She really struggled today. She even made a nest on the floor this afternoon and lay down in it, after saying night night! She didn't sleep, just rested. She did want Daddy down on the floor with her for a while though.

She is comeing out with some comically timed phrases at the moment. We were on our way out this morning, she was running on through the house ahead of us and called to us saying 'hurry up you two!' When she had finished her tea, there was still a bit of food left, she said whilst handing us her plate 'take in kitchen and give to boys [the dogs]'. We were in stitches. When I took her to bed and was saying our night-nights, she leaned over my shoulder, looked at her bed, and said 'Ooooh Lovely bed'!!

Yesterday I went to Fobbles to look at beads for knitting. Fobbles seems to have umpteen beads and I was starting to get a bit bedazzled with them all. I had sage advice from Bev. I bought three lots of beads. I have tried a bead of each. The size ten are a bit small for what I need, but I may just be able to use them if I am careful. I think I now know which are the best size for what I need.


Following on from this, I had the thought of seeing if Fobbles has some much bigger beads, that I could incorporate into a felted bag. I have thoughts of doing a felted bag using some of my dyed yarn (which I have yet to dye) and to add a few large beads to it for texture etc. Thinking now, I wonder if you could use a suitable sized bead, or toggle and attach it prior to felting, would it make it a stronger attachment? HHmm, shall have to try that perhaps.

I have persevered with the cloth for the swap. There was a couple of mistakes in the pattern. This really surprised me. I have used the patterns designer countless times and never come across a mistake. I have righted the pattern and started knitting it all over again. It is going to be quite large. But it's looking good already.

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