Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Spiral Doily Completed

Mary-Jane has had a few unsettled nights, not overly bad, but enough to make us all feel tired by morning. Touch wood, so far this evening she has slept well. She has been waking between half nine and eleven for up to quite a few hours.

In the mean time, I haven't really had a good chance to look into upgrading my blogger package, so still no photos, even though I've got plenty to show. And I can't remember how to get spaces between paragraphs, which really rattles me......

I have finished The Spiral Doily this evening. I am absolutely chuffed to bits with it. I have yet to block it. It has taken only ten evenings to complete - less if you count disruptions. I never thought I'd get it done so quickly. It has given me the confidence to go ahead and do larger intricate lace projects. I am starting to plan the next one, but I think I am a bit too tired at the moment and my head is telling me to finish Lydia and to crack on with the Pi Shawl, not to mention finish the ASJ. Slowly slowy catch a fishy. Decide what yarn to use next and match possible patterns up. I have posted a pic of the doily in my projects list on Ravelry, if you want a look in the meantime.

On Monday, HK went fishing. Mary-Jane, D and I went for a walk on Cold Fell. We went in search of Matty Benn's Bridge. We were and weren't successful. We didn't get as far as the bridge. Instructions I had found on t'internet advised that it was 1/2 mile from the car park. We walked more than that, and still no joy. I know we weren't too far at all from it. I made the decision not to go any further as I doubted how well Mary-Jane would be able to walk or get back. I did bring the buggy, and D helped tremendously by pushing it most of the way.

I was so proud of Mary-Jane. She walked all the way there and all the way back. Apart from about 20 yards where I carried her as she was really slowing up. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, toddling along. She didn't complain at all when she fell over - and gained a couple of small bruises on her legs. It was her very First Fell Walk. I thought she was sleep soundly that night, how wrong was I?!

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