Sunday, 17 June 2012

More Of The Same

I have made another macaroni cheese. I have done it slightly differently this time and I think it has come out nicer and more creamier. I cheated and used a packet cheese sauce, with at least twice as much milk as stated, around a pint. I then added a 300g pot of philadelephia. Once mixed I added this to the macaroni - 300g dried weight, that was cooked. I then sprinkled some grated cheese and popped it in the oven for about 15 mins. Very tasty. We had it with a garlic baguette, onion rings and breaded garlic mushrooms. I could hardly move after!

I have continued with Revontuli. I am now to start row 51. The section I have worked tonight is much more obvious in it's pattern. I am warming to it much more, although the allure of a long stripe is still tempting! I still cannot think if I have enough of a suitable sock yarn to do it. I did think about going stash surfing today, but thought is as far as it got. It did cross my mind to try and keep all four ply/sock yarn together. Mainly to see what I've got and if any off them tempt me to further shawls. But as HK says - tongue in cheek - I can only wear one shawl at a time!

I have also continued to watch Pride & Prejudice and am in my mind transported back to Regency times. I have also seen Mr Darcy take that swim in his pond. Just one more episode to watch! I shall also look out for audio CD's of Jane Austen. I would like to read some of her novels, but that would sadly impinge on my knitting time - shock horror - can't be having that!

The Woolfest is on Friday and Saturday, I am getting quite excited

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