Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stuck And Tink

Well! I have sat this evening and knitted two and a half rows, *tinked three, then knitted four! I sat and watched Northanger Abbey (hold that thought). I had to stop the film whilst I tinked and corrected where I had gone wrong. I then resumed Northanger Abbey and Revontuli, only to have the flippin DVD get stuck just as things were coming to a head!! Grrrr! For Austen officianado's I got to the part where Catherine had returned home after being turfed out of Northanger Abbey in the middle of the night. I am sure there is not much more left of the film and I want to know what happens!!!

Now I don't know whether to google and find out the end, or ask HK in the morning if he can sort the dvd out.......

HK has been out fishing today. He has thoroughly enjoyed it and appears more relaxed. It has been quite warm, I didn't realise how much until I went to pick him up. It has given out for heavy rain for tomorrow and Friday. We are/were hoping to go out for the day tomorrow as it is our 6th Wedding Anniversary. If it is not the weather to go out, I have insisted that we go out another day in lieu. And if it is raining and we don't go out together, then HK has said I can go to the Craft & Natter.

The Woolfest is in a day or two - Friday and Saturday. I am definitely helping on both days. I have downloaded a list of stall holders. There are quite a few that I want to go to. I shall be more organised and planned this year. I am in for a woolly few days. Can't wait.

*Tink - a knitty term, meaning to undo work stitch by stitch, to take it back. 'Tink' is 'Knit' backwards, because that is what you do!!

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