Friday, 21 September 2012

Provisional Cast On Sussed

It's a bit late for a proper post, but had to share with you -

I have finished the Loopy Edging on Mary-Jane's Pinwheel Sweater, it looks blloming marvellous!

Provisional Cast On sussed - how simple and straight forward!  I am so glad that I am able to say that.  Tomorrow I shall get cracking with the actual knitting of the sleeves now that I have got all my live stitches!  Fab x


Unknown said...

But hopefully not too late to wake up HK and show off your work! "Loopy edging, provisional cast on--marvel at my craftmanship!"

CarpeDyem said...

Marvelling at my craftmanship is one of my favourite hobbies ;-) Everything I make gets ceremoniously shoved under his nose for comment!