Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pinwheel Sweater Comleted

I finished Mary-Jane's Pinwheel Sweater this afternoon.  I was almost glad to get it done.  I am wanting to see what it looks like on Mary-Jane but each time I go near her with it, she gets cranky.  I am trying to ignore the rising feeling that she doesn't like it and that I will probably never see her in it!  I will have my way!
We have had another relaxing day.  This morning we braved the wind and the rain and went to Aldi in Whitehaven.  I had seen some yarn on their website that I thought might do for MJ.  They have had this yarn in before.  I got two balls of orange with white and flashed of pink.  Granma got her some turquiose chunky yarn for me to make her something.  I found a pattern called 'Pettite Panache' by Meghan Jones, via Ravelry.  I am on the 4th row and am wondering if the yarn may not totally suit the pattern.  I will persevere as it will look good anyway.  Hopefully.
No baking today.  I am getting over my mental apple block.  I'm sure by the end of the week I should be cheerfully be able to tell you that I have been baking cupcakes again.  I am still pondering on making some more chutney.  If I do I know I shall have to get rid of some, as I will have vast surplus.  I feel that I will probably end up making some anyway.  Unless I distract myself with other things.
Not too busy a week coming up.  Mary-Jane is going to back to Playgroup Tuesday morning.  Sugarcraft on Tuesday evening, sugarcraft guild Wednesday evening.  Fobbles has a get together on Thursday, I can't see me doing anything more than popping in, rather than staying.  HK has an appointment Wednesday and Friday.  Another Macmillan Coffee Morning Saturday, and maybe a table top sale Saturday afternoon.  So where do I get the idea that this week is 'not too busy'?!

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