Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Getting Fired Up For Sugarcraft Again

I have been to West Cumbria Sugarcraft Guild meeting this evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now fired up to go back to the classes in Workington.  I am trying not to think how much the weekly trip in diesel will put an unwelcome hole in my budget.  The speaker-demonstrator was Robert Whitten from Berwick Upon Tweed.  Not only is he good at sugarcraft, he is really funny too listen to as well.  He demonstrated how to make a bag, which could either be a cake topper or an actual cake itself.  I feel that I have really learned a lot.  It is the human element that is lost when just trying to learn from books.  I shall have another think in the morning about going to the classes and talk with HK.

I will go to the Sugarcraft Guild Meetings again, they are once a month.  I was made quite welcome.  There were four people from the classes and a lady from Chambers in Workington that I knew.  It's always nice to see a familiar face when going somewhere new, especially on your own!

I am hoping to bake tomorrow, Black Forest Cupcakes and a Hazelnut cupcake.  I couldn't get to the kitchen today.  Mary-Jane was quite clingy with me.  She said she was tired.  I think her day yesterday, all the running around and fresh air tired her out.  She even said when I went to get her up that she wanted to stay in bed.  The poor thing awoke around 4am, so we had her on the bed for ten minutes or so, before I took her back to her own bed.

I am in my usual state of tiredness, so my head is not overly forthcoming.  Time for bed for me!

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