Friday, 14 September 2012

Bake-athon Successful

My Baking Challenge is over, for today.  I successfully completed the challenge.  If I had remebered to trun the oven down 15 degrees when putting the second lot of cakes in and put the sugar glazes on when the cakes were warm, I would say I romped home with effort to spare.  I am very pleased with my handiwork.  I have resisted temptation to cut slices off and taste test them.  Perhaps I will get a chance tomorrow.  There is not point worrying about them now, if they are too dry etc, there is nothing I can do to change that now!

I made, from top right - Coconut & Lime Cake, Lemon Soaked Cake, Apricot Tea Bread, Marmalade Cake and Cider Loaf Cake.  All the recipes are taken from 'Cumbria (Cumberland) WI Cookery Book'.

A close up of the Apricot Tea Bread, withe the Lemon Soaked Cake and Coconut Lime Cake in the background.

I didn't particularly get stressed at all today - I usually do at some point, making the neutral zone around me get ever so slightly bigger!  I could feel my feet and back aching.  I couldn't have done any of this without HK and Mary-Jane's help either, for letting me crack on and do.  I did try to get MJ to help me measure some ingredients, but she was more interested in having a runaround.  I did give her due warning when I was going to use the mixer, telling her that Mommy was going to be noisy.  She even asked me a few times If I had finished being noisy!

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