Friday, 7 September 2012

More Cupcakes

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do some baking.  I made two batches of cakes - Hazelnut Swirl Cupcakes and  Black Forest Cupcake.  Both recipes are from 'Eat Me!' by Xanthe Milton.  I highly recommend this book.  The recipes are brilliant - the last few baking sessions I have done, I have used her book.  If you would like to see the recipes, contact me!


These Black Forest Cupcakes, are topped with fresh cream, something to be bourne in mind when deciding how many you are going to make and how many people will be eating them - cream, like cupcakes shouldn't be left too long before being eaten!

This was the view slightly to my left as I sat down last night to knit and watch TV!  It's pretty much the same tonight, except no TV yet.

I had the new Cupcake Heaven magazine arrive yesterday as well.  I have only had a quick look through it, and not all the way through.  I am already inspired lots of times over to don my pinny!

On the back of my trip to the Sugarcraft Guild Meeting on Wednesday, I have sent off my application for this Septembers Sugarcraft course in Workington, at St Joe's school.  I have been told that as I was on the course last year, a place will be reserved for me, but because I wasn't able to get to the last five or so sessions, I didn't want to rest on my laurels, so the app and cheque went in the post yesterday.  Today I went through to Workington, to Chambers and got the list and supplies I needed for this term.  This was cutters and dusts.  I shall be making a spray of Java Orchid, Bouvardia and Veronica.  Watch this space!  I am getting nervous already, but really looking forward to it. The course starts a week on Tuesday.

I have also put my entry in for Eskdale Show today, the closing date is tomorrow.  I have also entered Mary-Jane in the pre-school class for two pictures.

Oh and I must tell you that I have used my new cake corer!  It is essentially the same as an apple corer, but designed to be used with cupcakes.  It takes out a cylindrrcal shape out of the middle.  It makes the cake look more professional when you bite into it or cut it open.  Another recommendation!

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