Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sugarcraft Week 2, More Apple Kitchen Adventures

This evening's sugarcraft subject was the start of the Bouvardia's.  These, we are assured, are the most tricky or difficult things to do in the whole project.  I was starting to get the hang of them towards the end of the session.  I have five more to do as homework for next week.  We have also been given a lesson plan, so we know what we are doing each week, plus any particular tools we may need.  I like the idea of this.  I was sat between two different people today.  I did observe that the two ladies I was sat between last week did not come this week..... Apparantly one has dropped out and one is going on a different night.  Could make me feel paranoid!  The lady to my right was chatty and I enjoyed nattering with her. 

Today'sBaking Offering is Apple Scones.  Quick to make.  You will notice that in the top right is all that is left of yesterdays Baking Offering, and even that disappeared shortly after the photo was taken!  If I think on, I'll do the recipe tomorrow for the scones.
Due to the amount of apples I've got, I've used this gadget for the first time.  It is an Apple Master - it peels, cores and slices apples (and pears and potatoes).  I was rather enamoured of it.  I could have quite easily sat and cored, peeled and sliced lots of apples with it.  I shall wait till tomorrow to do that, I plan to make chutney tomorrow.
This is what the apple looks like after being through the machine.  It takes a few seconds to do.  Lots of fun!

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