Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sugarcraft Week 1

Sugarcraft classes have started again!  This term we are making a spray of daphne's, veronica's and bouvardia's.  It all looks very pretty.  I have homework to do for next week.  Not that it is set as homework, but I just know from experience that everyone else will have got theirs all done and ready for the next step. From next week as well, we should be given lesson plans for the term (hurray!) so that if we miss a week, we will know what we have missed.  It will give me some structure as to what to work towards.
This is what I have done tonight.

The class is very full - 21 people.  It was originally designed for 12-15 people.  Sugarcraft and cake decorating are very popular at the moment!  I couldn't believe all the new faces rolling in.  Tsk!  I'm never very good with change!
Tonight I have learned how to make texture with tweezers, and to do the two different shapes above, as well as the another bud shape that is my 'homework'.  I am looking forward to learning to do more things and creating gorgeous things.  I am not as anxious or nervous as last year.  Which just leaves the tiredness to combat.  Happy Happy!  Till next week - Nanoo Nanoo ;-)

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