Sunday, 23 September 2012

St Bees Weekend II

We returned to St Bees again today.  The weather was still holding, not quite as nice as yesterday, but not a day to give up on.  This time HK stayed at home, his shoulder was much worse, with aching going down his back.  I have everything crossed that his sciatica, or whatever it was, doesn't flare up again.  Granma came with us today.  We went into the Cafe instead of sitting at one of the benches.

After more ice cream for Mary-Jane in the Cafe, we headed onto the beach.  The tide was out, I suspect it was on it's way back in.  Mary-Jane and I walked down the steps on to the beach.  Mary-Jane was thrilled to bits.  Once we got onto the sand, I said she could let go of my hand and go for a run, and off she went, squealing as she ran.  I don't think I'll ever grasp how exciting this is for her, to be on the beach, to run freely.  It can bring a tear to my eye to see her like this.

She was interested in the sand, and how she could kick it and leave marks in it.  St Bees Head is in the background.
She was fascinated by the sea and how it ebbed and flowed.  And how it might just touch her feet!
It was great fun to run away from the waves - she even said that that the sea was chasing her!

I love being by the sea, being on the beach, swimming, playing with the waves - and jumping them when the weather is warm!  I hope I can nurture her love for this environment as she gets older, and that we create many, many memories of being by water.

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