Saturday, 29 September 2012

Coffee Mornings, Libraries and The Beach

More busy days.  Thursday evening I went to the CCFWI Autumn Council Meeting in Wigton.  Part of the entertainment was Staged Right, a youth theatre group from Carlisle.  They were aged between 12-18 and were outstandingly good!
Friday Morning, I took Mary-Jane to a Macmillan Coffee Morning at Gosforth Library.  I met up with a couple of friends.  The coffee morning was so busy that we couldn't stay the whole time.  However, Mary-Jane thoroughly enjoyed being there and looking at the books.  She wasn't bothered by the hum of the chatter or that the room was full.  We came out of there and called in at Gosforth Bakery on the way back to the car.  In the car park was a school group of 16 ish year olds, on a field trip.   Mary-Jane was very taken up with this group and was crying and pulling to go over to them and join them. 
Come afternoon, Mary-Jane was restless and wanted to go back to the Library and 'be with everyone'.
She wasn't settling much.  I was sat on the sofa.  I asked her if she would like to go to the seaside and have an ice cream.  I had barely drawn my next breathe when she put her wellies on my lap and was very excited!  Off we went again to St Bees.  The cafe were also holding a Macmillan Coffee Morning.  After ice cream, we went down onto the beach.  The tide was out, so Mary-Jane had lots of beach to run around on.

When Daddy is not around, I'm teaching her all about puddles, and jumping and splashing in them.  Wering wellies of course!
This morning, I took Mary-Jane, with HK, back to Gosforth Library, to enrol MJ at the library.  She again enjoyed being there.  She has taken out three books.  She has a certificate saying that she has joined the Bookstart Bear Club.  This is now on her bedroom wall along side her certificate that she had from Beckermet Sports Day, when she won for dressing up as The Queen of Hearts.
We had a relaxing afternoon.  I was going to bake another cake, but Mary-Jane had other ideas of having big Mommy Cuddles.  So we all had a much needed realxing afternoon.  I even managed to have a few power naps and do a bit of knitting.  Mary-Jane bought me her bean bag over for me to put my feet on so 'Mommy put feet on bean bag and have a rest'!  I couldn't argue with that now could I?
Oh and I have also managed to fit in making seven jars of  Apple and Raisin Chutney, on Thursday afternoon.  Not surprising then, when I take a step or two back, that I am jiggered!
If the weather is not too unkind tomorrow, I shall take Mary-Jane to see the scarecrows at Drigg.

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