Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Loopy Edge

I am on the next stage of Mary-Jane's Pinwheel Sweater - the Loopy Edging.  I have never done this before.  I have done I-cord countless times, but not as a cast off edge.  Wow, how easy and effective!  It is slow going, but after an hour or so I was starting to get a bit of a rhythm.  It has taken me two hours to do just over two sections of the sweater - perhaps around 90 stitches.  I started with 320 stitches, so a few evenings work.  Then it's the sleeves.  I bet I will feel like I am flying through those, once I have done this edging!

I started off by casting on 3 stitches, then knitting one stitch together with one from the main needle, three times altogether - for the three stitches I started with.  Then i-cord six rows and repeat knitting the next three stitches together with the three corresponding ones on the dpn.  Clear as mud?!  It is a lot easier to do than explain.  But what a pretty edging, and it can be done watching tv (as long as you don't have to concentrate too much - I was watching The British and the first episode of Criminal Minds.  And that was after I said to myself that I would have an enforced break from Criminal Minds, after watching it and nothing else, apart from the Great British Bake Off, for a couple of weeks.  Never mind, I made it for a couple of nights with out watching it.  I digress.)

I have now got all my ingredients together to soak my fruit for my 2012 Christmas Cake.  All apart from the alcohol.  That will be tomorrow's buy.  I'm thinking along the lines of a spiced dark rum.  I'm still up for some buttercream piping work on some cupcakes over the weekend.  I still need to do my sugarcraft homework.  I really ought to get into the habit of doing the homework as soon as possible after the class, so I am not streassing a few days later to get it done.  Remind me of this thought in the weeks to come!

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