Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Visit From Sally

I have had a busy but really enjoyable weekend, and yes I know it is Tuesday today!  My friend Sally, from Stafford, came to visit.  On Saturday we had a bit of a small tour around the place.  We went into Whitehaven initially.  First stop was Dixons department store to look at their yarns.  We got distracted by lovely handbags on the way, very tempting! We both bought two balls of the same yarn so we could make the same project.  I worked out last night that we were about a 1/3 short for our chosen project.  I have not ahd chanve to see what we can do with what we have got.  After Dixons, we took a short walk along the harbour and went for a cuppa in The Waterfront.  Sally is much improved in her walking since I saw her last.  She has suffered with Juvenile Arthritus since a very young and tender age.  She has had a lot of joint surgery, including hip and knee replacements.
From the harbour, we went to Egremont, mainly for chips!  We sat outside Frasers, I had chips and a cheese & onion pattie, Sally had chips and sauce.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it.  The we went on to St Bees head, to the Hartleys Cafe.  The tide was in and the sea was a bit choppy.  The views there are wonderful.  We sat in the cafe, drank copious amounts of tea and ate cake and knitted.  Blissfully relaxing!
On Sunday we went to Cockermouth, but it was virtually closed.  We went to Squirrels cafe - I can't remember it's proper name, but that was closed too as it was undergoing new management.  We then headed to Woodlands Cafe at Santon Bridge.  Success.  We sat outside in the sunshine and ate lunch.  I had a baked tattie with cheese and coleslaw, followed by a banoffee pie with ice cream.  Mary-Jane had an ice cream cornet.  On her first or second lick, the ice cream fell on the floor.  She didn't cry or protest, just carried on eating the cone.  Sally got her an ice cream in a tub.  She thoroughly enjoyed that.  It was lovely to see Mary-Jane running around making the most of the sunshine.  Luckily there wasn't anyone else sat outside, so she could have a run.  She was delighted that the floor was gravel - all those stones to pick up and bring to me!
Sally went back on the train on Monday.  I shall miss her dearly.

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