Wednesday, 29 August 2012

More Baking & Knitting

I've been cracking on with Mary-Jane's cardi and time has run away with me.  I had a minor adjustment to do to my workings out on the cardi.  Unfortunately I didn't notice until I was four rows later.  I was adjustable without having to go and frog the four rows.  I wasn't hard on myself as I wasn't altogether with it yesterday.  I am feeling much better today, just a bit under par.  I did some baking, two lots of cupcakes, which slightly overstretched myself and left me feeling too tired.  I have made another two sucessful batch of cupcakes - Bounty Cupcakes and Chocolate Frosted Toffee Cupcakes.  Bounty is as the chocolate bar, the cupcake is coconutty, and the topping is chocolate.  I used milk chocolate this time.  The other cupcakes are very light, almost melt in your mouth.  As time has run away with me, no recipes tonight, I'm afraid. 
I've not taken any pictures, purposefully.  Althought they taste wonderful, they are, well I was going to say nothing to look at, but I must correct myself.  They are something nice to look at.  Chocolate topped cupcakes in pretty papers.  I shouldn't be so easy to put down what I make.
Mary-Jane is getting slowly better with her fear of noises and little boys and such things.  The acid tests will be when we go shopping and or out in public where she has contact with other children.   We will prepare for and cross that bridge when we get to it.

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