Saturday, 4 August 2012

Shopping For Sugarcraft Stuff

I am still full of cold.  Today was supposed to be a Day of Rest, but it has been far from that.  I even cancelled seeing a friend to have some rest time and try and get shot of this blessed cold.  I have been on the go just about all of the day.  I must say however that I do not feel as bad as yesterday.  I was tucked up in bed by 8.30 and slept throught till 6am.  Mary-Jane had a good sleep and a small lie in.  She didn't want to get up at all.  It was only the promise of A Walk To See The Cows that swung it for her to want to get  up.  I had already evicted her from her bed by this point.

Mum & I went to Chambers Sugarcraft in Workington this afternoon.  Mainly to see what they had got.  I got a lot of advice from Jackie, very helpful and practical advice.  I treat myself to two Patchwork Cutters - the 12 days of christmas and fairies, alphabet moulds Halloween, some black cupcake papers, colour dusts - orange, green, brown and black, and a fondant icing stamp set. I have treated myself to a couple more moulds and patchwork cutters from Windsor Cakes, via t'internet.  That shall be the sum of my spending.

I was toying with whether or not to get some Topsy Turvy Cake Tins.  After sound advice, I decided not to and put the funds to other use - see above!  I now want to bake and play with sugarcraft.  I have thought that my second set of cupcakes for Gosforth will be Halloween themed.  I have a good-ish idea of how I want to decorate them, just need to thing about the actual cupcakes themselves!

Still no knitting has been done, and I am having another early night x

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