Friday, 10 August 2012

More Birthday Celebrations

My cold is still slowly going.  I think it may have been gone sooner if I'd been getting a good quota of sleep.  Saying that I had a 30 minute nap on the sofa just before I took Mary-Jane to bed today!  Mary-Jane had a good night last night.  A lot of the nights are rolling into the same night.  I have had another active day today.  This morning was the usual Friday shopping trip to tesco.  This afternoon I went to Woodlands Cafe at Santon Bridge and met with 'The Girls' to be spoiled with Tea and Cake (again!).  This time I had a Banoffee Pie.  All the pies and cakes are home made.  Scrummy.

I was also given Birthday Gifts and cards - a beautiful hand stitched covered notebook and pencil from LA and a wonderful hand-made bag from S.  The pattern on the bag is pictures of sheep knitting.  M had already given me a vintage cream and sugar bowl set with a crocheted and beaded pineapple shaped doily for the cream jug.  I feel very honoured and lucky to have such beatuiful gifts.  The weather was with us today, we sat outside in glorious sunshine.  A little too warm for me, which was noted and I was moved further into the shade by thoughtful friends!

I have done some knitting this evening as well!!!!  I have worked on the ASJ.  I am now 3 and a half ridges off  creating the length of the jacket.  The it will be My Personal Best for The Amount Of Stitches Picked Up On Any One Piece Of Knitting.  I am not looking forward to the rows, they will take some doing.  I am very curious to know how many stitches there will be!

I have finished my preliminary look through my new books.  I have found a few Must Do Now Cupcake recipes.  I must do my trial runs for Gosforth.  I will probably end up spending all my time between now and then baking cakes and creating toppers, and more than likely get really stressed with it all.

I am looking forward to playing with all my new sugarcraft stuff and baking new cupcakes.  It may happen in the next couple of days - I need to get back in the baking saddle and get my pinny on again!

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