Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gosforth Show 2012

It rained heavily all night.  By morning I was wondering whether the show would be cancelled.  It wasn't. The weather improved throughout the day and by mid afternoon there was lots of sunshine to go about.  The field was incredibly muddy.  I think I saw only a handful of people without wellies. Mud, Mud and more Mud.  I had got a parking ticket to park ringside.  I drove onto the field by some 50 yards and in my own words to the gate keeper - 'I ain't driving through that!'  We luckily found somewhere to park on the road.  I just had to hump all my entries a lot further to the Handicraft Tent, better that than have to be towed backwards by a tractor!

I had a degree of success.  Beckermet WI came first with the WI Co-operative Display.  The display was worked between myself and two other ladies.  Another two ladies helped by making the scones and jam.  We got 39 points out of forty.  We lost one mark for the scones being slightly uneven on top!
I only had one other Place Card - A First for this scarf.  I made it and completed it by this time last year.  The yarn was special to me as it was given to me by my dear Knitty Friend in Stafford - Sally.
This is my pre-mature baby outfit.  I got the patterns seperately on Ravelry.  I loved the simplicity.  Moreover I loved the way that if Baby needed to have any monitors etc stuck to it's head, then the button could be unfastened and the hat neet not come off.  With the body warmer, once opened, Baby can be laid on it and the warmer buttoned up around it, so less movement for baby.
My pretty lace doily.  I was feeling confident that I might get a place card with this. That didn't happen
The aran tea cosy.  I was quite hopeful with this as well, again no such luck!

The whole day has worn me out.  I shall be having a hot bath in a bit to take away my aches and pains - mainly in my legs, it's difficult walking in mud all day.

We looked at the cows and sheep and saw some of them being judged.  I also saw part of a display of a dog rounding up ducks, over an obsticale course, quite amusing.  Next year I shall take a closer look at the schedule to see what is on at what time.  Hopefully next year Mary-Jane can enter a few classes, they have them for under fives.

I really enjoyed the day, despite all the mud.  Highly recommended!

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