Tuesday, 7 August 2012


My cold is finally breaking.  I have felt much better today, I'm not quite out of the woods yet, but vastly improved.  HK has got The Cold as well.  Mary-Jane's sleep is still erratic.  She took two hours to settle this evening.  I quite strongly think she is having growing pains/growth spurt.  I was putting her cream on her legs tonight and she kept on saying 'ouch' quite sincerely.  She has tried to resist me creaming her legs for a few days now.  Could be that they ache.  She has had some medicine and all is quiet.  Time to relax.  And eat chocolate.

I turned 44 yesterday.  I had a pleasant day. HK and Mary-Jane took me out for Tea and Cake in the afternoon and we met up with D.  This birthday has been very CupCake-ified.  Scrummy!  HK got me a years subscription to Baking Heaven magazine and bought me some baking books from Amazon, they are due to be delivered tomorrow.  Mary-Jane got me 'The Great British Bake Off How To Turn Everyday Bakes Into Showstoppers'.  Mum got me a sugarcraft cutter/embosser gadget.  D got me some wonderful things from Lakekland - 3 lots of cupcake cases, some gold and white dust, and some yellow sprinklies.  I really can't wait to feel better and get my pinny on and get in the kitchen.  I am overflowing with ideas and recipes I want to try.

I still haven't done any knitting.  I thought about doing some tonight.  Now I have relaxed after putting MJ down, I think I shall be too tired.  I still want a really early night.  I shall continue to look at my new Bake Off book and make mental notes of what I want to have a go at.

MJ awake and crying - see you later!

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