Friday, 17 August 2012

As Prepared For Gosforth Show As I'll ever be!

I am as prepared as I ever will be for Gosforth Show.  I have a grand total of 15 entries, I originally went for 22.  I have dipped out of the decorated cupcakes, the cake toppers, the book marks and a tea cosy.  All I have to do tomorrow is box the eggs up, get the scones out of the freezer and get the christmas bauble down from the top of Mary-Jane's wardrobe and fold up the shawl and doiley that are blocking on the floor.  Finito.

Fingers crossed for good weather, success in judging and an all round good day!

I have made some cupcakes today as well, after I decided not to do any for the show.  I went to take a picure earlier but the camera needed charging.

MJ woke up at 4am screaming.  Following a bum change and five minutes on the bed with us, I took her back to her  own bed.  She screamed for another 15 minutes or so then setled back down.  I am absolutely worn out.  I have had a cold sweat today, so whatever cold or bug I have is still very much with me.  Drat.  Off to bed now, I wanted to go earlier, but at least I'm not stressed out!

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