Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Short and Sweet (again)

This will be another short 'I'm still in the land of the living - just' posts I'm afraid.  We had a bit of a night with Mary-Jane and she was awake early.  I feel like I've been on the go all day and into the evening.  I am shattered.  My cold is still going, which is good, it is just taking it's time and I am growing impatient with being tired all the time and not being able to think straight.

HK treated me to a takeaway this evening - a very rare treat.  HK had cod and chips and I had chips and cheese and onion pie.  I really enjoyed it.  HK went to lie on the bed, read and listen to the radio as he normally does.  I was on driving duty for Dad, to take him to into Egremont and pick him up after his meeting.  I was even too tired to watch TV.  I settled down on the sofa and started going through my new books that arrived today (more on them later).  I dozed off looking at them.  I woke myself up snoring.  Power Naps work really well for me.  Luckily Dad wanted picking up an hour sooner than planned, so here I am!

I haven't finished looking through them all yet, my head is (slowly) whirling with ideas of recipes and decorations to try. Though to be honest, my poor noggin is past saturation point or ability to take on new information or to remember recipes, hints & tips, let alone jobs I need to do, like send out WI invites etc.

I still haven't knitted anything.  How many days is it now?  It must be a record.  I am going to Fobbles for a bit tomorrow for their Get Together, I shall see how I get on there.

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