Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mini-Maxi Events

It has been a busy and mini-maxi eventful weekend.  Mini-Maxi becuase we have done things for the first time or for a long time, that are not big things on the face of it, but really mean a great deal.  Mary-Jane's sleep seems to be getting slightly better.  I am hesitant saying this as I listen to her murmer on the monitor.  She is tired when she goes to bed, which is always a bonus.  She awoke early this morning - around five am again.  She did not settle on her own, so we bought her through to our bed and she tried her best not to be over excited and to settle, giving us chanve to rest and cat nap till at 7 I came down stairs with her.  She has been tired most of the day, but I have periodically been keeping her busy and letting her have periods of rest - mainly on Daddy!

One of the new things she has been doing is curling up on the bottom stair.  I think she does this mainly when she is tired.  She pretends to be a mouse - it is a yogu position she has learned from one of her programmes that she watches (Waybuloo).  Bandit thinks it's fun too, so he has started joining in.
I have had MJ out in the garden several times.  She still loves to be outside and is still enamoured with her slide and washing pegs.
She loves her trike.  She is starting to understand what her pedals are for, but hasn't quite put it altogether yet.  I have started taking her on the path in front of the house.  The road is a busy main road.  To say we are rural, there isn't many places by the house that she can have a good run around or walk on that is not close to lots of traffic.  So the path out the front is getting some use and the road out the back, which is quieter is getting alot of use - especially for Walks To See The Cows.
Mary-Jane is getting a growing liking for tractors.  She has begun to be brave enough to wave to tractors when they go past, if she is feeling in the mood to do so.  She waved at one today and the farmer waved back, she clapped her hands and squealed with delight.  Wait till she sees one of her presents for her birthday!

Another Mini-Maxi event happened last evening.  It was about 9pm and I was thinking of settling for an hour or so then go to bed.  HK (who had already had a drink) asked if I wanted to take a walk into the village (Beckermet) and go for a drink, as long as Mum & Dad didn't mind baby sitting MJ.  Ten minutes later I had changed my top, re-tied my hair up and put my shoes on.  This is the first time HK and I have been out together since New Years Eve 2010.  Indeed the first time we have been out together, on our own, since before Mary-Jane was born.

We walked into the village, a mile or so.  It was a warm evening with a gentle breeze.  The pub was small and inviting.  We relaxed.  It felt such a long time since we had been together like this.  We had one drink, me a pint of Magners cider and HK a pint of Jennings Cocker Hoop.  That was enough for me, I was relaxed and flippin tired with it!  I think if I'd had another drink, I would be curled up on the floor fast asleep!  We took our time walking back, all in all half an hour.  It was so dark!  Once out of the village, there are no street lights, only fields and trees and Sellafied in the distance.  Even the glow over Sellafield wasn't as orange as what I thought it would be.  It's not a walk I'd like to do on my own with it being so dark, especially going through the short wooded area.  But it was so lovely.  A tad more breezier as well.  Evening walks should be a must, all things permitting.  It did HK and I a world of good.


Unknown said...

sounds like a lovely, romantic time with HK.

Sarah said...

Oh I'm so jealous - a night out at the pub. It's been so long I worry that Mick and I will have nothing to say to each other without the distraction of the telly! Good luck for the show this weekend. x