Friday, 24 August 2012

Cupcake Preview

I made two batches of cakes yesterday.  Nothing overly fancy, decorative or time consuming, just more or less straight forward cupcakes.  They turned out well.  The butterfly cupcakes had some icing sugar sprinkled on them this morning before they went down to Fobbles.

Almond Butterfly Cupcakes
I used cupcake cases from Asda, in their Little Princess range.  They have pink and purple butterflies on them.

These are Orange Marmalade Cupcakes, very tasty and moist.  Next time I shall put them in foil cases due to their moisture making the cases come away from the cakes.  I use fondant icing instead of normal icing sugar, so it spread completely over the top and make them look less home made.

I have just seen the time, so I can't dally here too long this evening.  I will give you the recipes hopfully tomorrow.

MJ hasn't had a  good evening.  She has been excited this afternoon as she has had another birthday present - a play cooker and sink unit, with pots, pans, knives and forks.  We also gave her a play kettle and toaster.  She played with them all afternoon and loved it to bits - images tomorrow also!

MJ got scared when we were in Tesco as she heard other babies and toddlers crying and playing and screaming.  In the end she was so distresssed and distraught, that HK had to take her out of the store and back to the car, where she calmed quickly.  She said this evening 'Noise gone, noise gone home, no come back'.  As we guessed in the main, she didn't like the noise of her cousin, not her cousin himself, I hasten to add!  Now we need ot get her over the whole experience.

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