Thursday, 16 August 2012

Preparing for Gosforth Show

HK commandeered the laptop last night.......

Mary-Jane woke up just after 4am and despite being very tired, forced herself to stay awake.  She was even asking to go back on her own bed, but once there, screamed and screamed.  Needless to say she didn't stay there!  We are tired and weary.

I have been trying to prepare as best I can for Gosforth Show on Saturday.  I will not be able to do something for every class I have entered.  I have to take that on the chin.  Falling by the wayside is cake toppers and bookmarks.  I have yet to block two items and check a third, as well as sew some buttons on.  I was going to do that this evening, it's just not happened.  I have made my fruit scones.  They will be put in the freezer before I go to bed and defrosted Saturday morning.

I have prepared sugarpaste for one cake topper, although I doubt very much that I will get it done.  Tomorrow I will be having the kitchen and there is a Warning Sign of 'Enter at Your Peril' going up on the kitchen door.  Not by me I hasten to add!  I will be the thing creating the Peril!  Hopefully I can pull it off at the 11th hour.  Mary-Jane dependant of course!

I am sure there are other things I want to tell you about, but my mind hasn't even got the ooomph to wander!  Until tomorrow!

PS  I got some cupcake cases arrive today from Hong Kong/China, speedy delivery.  There are some square light cardboard cupcake cases amongst them - another thing I'm looking forward to trying out.

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