Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cynthia's Last Journey

On Tuesday, Fiona, Xander, Mum, Dad, Frank and I took Cynthia's ashes on their final journey.  Cynthia was my auntie, sister to Dad and Frank, Mother to Fiona.  We did a whistlestop tour of some of her favourite places.  The first place was Ehen Beck at Wath Brow.  There is a photo of her and her then husband stood here, taken many years ago.

This is the view a couple of yards down.  In the background is Xander, Mum & Dad.  Fiona, Frank and I sat on this bench and had a quiet few minutes together.
From there we went into Whitehaven to the harbour, another of Cynthia's favourite spots.  I have not had a walk around the harbour for a long time.  I haven't explored the half of it, or read about or seen the history of the place.  Aparantly there are canons which were fired to stave off the invasion by John Paul Jones.  This is the harbour wall and light house, looking north-ish from our vantage point.
And this is looking south-ish.  The promentary is St Bees Head.  Seeing this view kinda  visually joined the coast up for me
This is Caulderton Beach.  If you turned and looked the other way up the shore line, you would see St Bees Head from the south.  Cynthia had many many fond memories of being on this beach.  It was very moving being there

After this port of call, I went back to the house, as it was going on for Mary-Jane's bedtime.  The others went onto the cemetry and St Bees Head.

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