Saturday, 8 September 2012

Colouring Coconut And Contemplations On A Cardi

I continue to spend many moments of my day with my nose stuck in a cake magazine or book.  Todays little inspiration is colouring coconut.  I always wondered how it was done, thinking it may be simple as you don't see it on supermarket shelves, nor indeed in the plethora of cake decorating things you can get online.  It turns out that it is quite a simple process to do. As simple as adding a few drops of liquid food colouring to coconut and giving it a good stir to coat it all.  The themes I thought about when dyeing this coconut was Christmas and grass. I think I did pretty okay.  All I need to do now is apply it - and use the stuff!  I may be baking and soon.  One idea I have is to just add it to a cupcake and see the result.  It may make the batter turn a colour, which would be interesting.  Of course it can be used as a topping to decorate.  I did wonder if a shiny sprinkle could be added to it, to give it shine and sparkle - without stating the obvious - as snow would sparkle and shine.

I am nearing the end of the cardi for Mary-Jane.  My jury is still out on it.  There are so many things I would change with the pattern.  As yet I haven't tried it on Mary-Jane.  It may look better on her (hopefully not worse!)  I did wonder whether to frog it all.  Then I thought that I spent so much time working on it that it would be a real shame to frog it.
The sleeves could do with being longer, but that is the amount of yarn I have left.  The pattern gives out to do a garter stitch border on the end.  No chance of that, no yarn!  The next cardi I do will have to be bigger.  I do like the essence of this pattern.  I did wonder whether I could adapt the EZ Surprise jacket, make the sleeves longer and on the straight part - the length of the body, add some lace work to that.  Or even do the rest of it in stocking stitch, remembering to do a different tension, but that may bugger the shaping and row count up.  So maybe scrap that idea and see if I can find another pattern that is an all in one one.  If I could think more clearly on how I would like the thing to be, then maybe I could design it myself.  Now there's a thing.

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