Monday, 1 October 2012

Mary-Jane's First Batch of Fairy Cakes

I was starting to feel a little tired and jaded today.  My mind was telling me that I should be on the go, not just sitting on the sofa.  Time to bake with Mary-Jane.  I had previously bought a couple of cake mix kits, that I thought were ideal for her to start with.  If we started from scratch weighing everything out, I think she would have lost interest.  Plus she is getting used to the noise of the kenwood again, so I don't want to push my luck.

We started off by putting the mix in the bowl, followed by and egg and a knob of butter
Then we gave it a good whisk to mix it all up
The batter is checked for consisitency and lumps - no lumps here!
Then the fairy cake cases were put in the tray.  We did do this first, then decided to use different cases.  I passed them to Mary-Jane and she put them in the holes.
The fairy cakes were then baked and cooled.  I put the icing and sprinkles  on.  Then there was the great tasting session.  Full marks all round!
One very happy little girl.  She has made her very first batch of cakes today!  No mean feat.

Oh and in between times, she washed the smaller items of pots up.  I did the big mixing bowl, and Mary-Jane did the rest.  I dried and put away.  I am proud beyond belief of her.  xxx

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