Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Apples, Apples, Apples

We have been blessed with a few days of good weather.  Beautiful autumn days and chilly nights.  The leaves are turning on the trees, a gorgeous time of year.  I had a peek in the orchard.  Quite a few apples were in need of picking.  It was time for Mary-Jane to have another first - apple picking.  I showed her how to twist and pull, she virtually got the hang of it.  She became confident with it and didn't need to be asked to pick the next apple.  She picked all the apples she could reach and put them in the bag.  The it was time to get the ones that were higher up.  After she picked each one, she wanted to put it in the bag.  Lifting her up and down soon told on my back!
Some apples Mary-Jane had to reach on tip-toes for.

We put the apples in a bag, gently
Some branches had to be gently lowered for MJ to reach.

All the apples are Eaters.  I am planning to cook the majority of them into pulp and freeze them.  Hopefully tomorrow.  We only picked from one tree, so there are plenty more to go.
Mary-Jane and I went back to playgroup.  She was quite a nervous or shy as last week, although stayed very close to me.  When it was time to put the toys away, she didn't want this to happen, neither did she want to sit at the table with the other children to have some fruit, which she did last week - she wanted to play with the cars.  Initially she didn't want to join in the sing song and screamed all the way through the first song.  This changed very quickly, to where she was stood in front of me playing the drums with some maraccas and shouting 'I'm playing the drums and singing everybody'!  When it was time to go, out came the screams again, she wanted to stay and play.  She is most definitely Getting There!

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