Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Very Disturbed Night

The last 24 hours have been eventful.  HK and I were awoken not long after 1am with the sound of the front door going and lots of loud voices.  I thought it was very late for anyone to be calling, but you never know.  The noise, the voices and the front door opening and closing carried on.  The upshot of it was that a drunk driver had driven into our next door neighbours house, had gone throught the wall and stopped in the kitchen.  The driver fled the scene, then later handed himself in.  Luckily our neighbour was upstairs in bed.  She wasn't injured, only very shaken, as you can imagine.  It was her, the police, the fire brigade and the ambulance people that we could hear.  The whole room of the kitchen looks like a write off.  The hole in the kitchen wall is massive.  Car size in fact.  Our neighbour is a widowed lady in her late 80's.  I feel sorry in my heart for her.  I won't go into too much detail further. She stayed the night with us, and all of today into this evening, when some of her family arrived from the south coast.
As Mary-Jane hadn't had the best of nights - she had already awoken twice before everything started happening, then was awake again with it all - I knew she would be cranky today.  I know she wouldn't handle strangers coming in and out of the house very well whilst she was tired.  She did eventually get used to Our Neighbour and wished her Night Night at bed time.  HK and I thought it would be best to take her out for the day.
We had already arranged to go to a friends house and collect a petrol mower.  So we packed what we needed for the day and headed out.  We stayed for lunch, MJ had a run around the garden, then it was time to head to the nearest beach, Silecroft, about a mile away, to have fun on the beach and an ice cream!
Now I am very tired.  Busy week ahead.  It was this week (the second week of the month) last month that knocked me about and made me tired and it's back at me, nipping at my heels!
On the upside, I had a phone call at tea time saying that I had won a bottle of whiskey in one of the Coffee Mornings.  It will be dropped off for us on Tuesday.  Happy HK!  Another upside of today, is that the Drunk Driver has been to Our Neighbour and sincerely apologised and offered to help where he can.  I think there is a Life Long Lesson for him to be learnedd.

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