Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Biscuit Baking and Books

This is from Sunday, when we went out visiting and went to the beach at Silecroft.  All trips to the beach must include ice cream, and this day was no exception!  Here is Di, Mary-Jane and myself, indulging in a spot of ice cream eating at the beach.
Mary-Jane has been quite taken up with cookie cutters. I did try a few days ago to bake some biscuits with her, but she was far more interested in the 'Shapes'.
Today, however, we managed to get some biscuit making done.  We cheated and used a packet mix, as a time saver to keep MJ's attention.  These are the first biscuits she has made.  I did the icing with the provided icing pen.  We both got our pinnies on and I weighed out the butter whilst Mary-Jane watched.  I then showed her how to combine the butter and mix by hand.  She wasn't sure at first, then started to mimic the hand motions, and mixed a bit up.  We both rolled out the dough, Mary-Jane insisting that she knew how to roll out!  I showed her how to use the cutter, she was amazed.  I put them on the baking tray.  Much dough was sampled, even some pieces of the bat were sampled....The biscuits turned out fab.  I'm so proud of my Baby Girl.
 Naturally, after every baking session comes the tasting!  We all gave the biscuits a thumbs up.  Mary-Jane helped with the washing up after, all part of baking.


Mary-Jane and I went for a walk this morning, down Nursery Road, at the back of us.  MJ was highly delighted that she saw six tractors and all the farmers waved to her.  This afternoon, the three of us went to Gosforth Library.  We all chose books to borrow.  Mary-Jane had another bear pawprint on her bear passport and she was allowed to stamp the date in her books herself - very grown up of her!  HK got five more Western books.  I got Linda Collisters 'Christmas Treats', The great british book of baking, from series 1 of the great british bake off; Cakes to inspire and desire by Lindy Smith and The Boy who bakes by Edd Kimber, winner of the above series.  I have some serious book reading an baking ahead of me!

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