Friday, 5 October 2012

Working On An Old UFO

Another late evening/night with Mary-Jane last night.  Not an overly bad one, just enough to make me a bit tired with crankiness on the horizon.

Did I start telling you about the cardi I started making in the weeks before we moved?  It was an aran weight all-in-one top down cardi, using Sirdar Denim Aran weight.  Since moving, I couldn't bring myself to even look at it without getting emotional.  The cardi has been buzzing around in my thoughts over the last few weeks, so I bit the bullet and pulled it out from the bottom of the wardrobe.  I bought it downstairs to have a good look at it.  I must have been emotional or not concentrating brilliantly (yes and yes), as the stitch count was way out.  So much way out that it couldn't be rectified.  I frogged the whole lot.  And started again.  And I'm doing well with it so far.  In row counts I'm two thirds to where I frogged it.  Good going.  I am liking the project and getting lots of good and happy vibes from it, beyond that, I'm trying not to think too much.

The cardi jacket I started for Mary-Jane I am also going to frog.  The texture of the yarn and the pattern don't go well together.  I am thinking of either doing a sidways all in one jacket or an EZ Surprise Jacket.  I'm not decided at the moment.  I do know that the yarn I am using for my cardi, would work really well with the pattern I originally chose for Mary-Jane.

I was planning to make some biscuits with Mary-Jane this morning.  Well, I was going to make them and she was going to cut them out.  Instead, MJ spent the time playing with the cutters - shapes as she, quite rightly, calls them.  Perhaps in the next few days.

Yesterday I had a few hours down at Fobbles.  I had my motor mouth on and I felt that I didn't stop yakking.  I did get some knitting done, but not in the first hour!

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