Sunday, 7 October 2012

Another Coffee Morning, A Closure And A Table Top Sale

Friday Morning I went to another Macmillan Coffee Morning in Cleator.  It was a friends house.  I took Mary-Jane and Mum.  The cakes were out of this world!  Really lovely, very scrumptious.  Mary-Jane handled herself very well, to say that there was a lot of people there and lots of chatter and people paying her attention.
Whilst I was stood in the kitchen, I saw a lady eye me up as if she was going to talk to me, but deciding whether to or not.  I stood and smiled at her.  She started to ask me if I had helped her, at Tesco's, we both said at the same time.  Yes that was me.  Last August, I went to the aid of two ladies that had fallen or tripped over in Tesco's car park.  The older lady was in her 90's and the other lady was her daughter.  First Aid staff from Tesco soon came out, an ambulance was called etc, as it was apparant that there was injuries, beyond being shaken up.  Whilst the mother was being attended to, I sat with the daughter, kept her company, held her hand and hugged her.  When the paramedics took over with her, I  along with HK and Mary-Jane, went on our way.  I have often thought about the two ladies and what happened with them.  I knew I'd probably never get closure or see the people again, of find out how they fared.  Unless I was meant to find out. 
So here was this lady stood nervously in front of me.  She was the daughter.  She told me the rest of the story, which for her privacy, I will not go into.  And Thanked me profusely.  I welled up.  I was rather stunned that this should happen out so out of the blue.  I thanked her for speaking with me and letting me know what happened, and that I was sorry for the final outcome.
Whether it was a coincidence or it out meeting was meant to happen, I don't know.  But I am sure glad it did, and was thankful for it.
Friday afternoon I slipped out by myself to Gosforth to a Table Top Sale.  I met up with LA and M.  I got Mary-Jane a toy red tractor, a knitted pink pig and a knitted scholarly owl, a jar of home made lemon curd and a denim dress for MJ.  We then had a cuppa and a biscuit and put the world to rights before going our seperate ways again.  Enjoyable!
I have still not done my sugarcraft homework.  I shall have to do it Monday evening after I come back from WI Committee.  Hopefully.

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