Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Christmas Cake

My Christmas Cake is decorated!  I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I've never decorated a cake anything like this before, but certainly will again.  The finished cake is very heavy.  The cake itself weighed 4lb 4oz.  I've not weighed the finished thing, I'm sure it will be a few pounds more than that!

I started by making marzipan sausage shapes around the outside of the top of the cake.  This is to help give it a flat surface.  The marzipan is then rolled out and placed on the cake, then smoothed with a smoother/polisher.  Next the red icing goes on.  After that is the white band around the base.

 Then the blue icing and finally the white and the iceberg in the middle.  After that is the welcome sitting down and modelling the person and the penguin.  I wanted them to look like they were having a Christmas Kiss.   The brown thing is supposed to be a fishing rod, and if you can look closely, you may see a fish or two poking their heads up through the hole in the ice!!  The fluffy bits are put on with an icing bag, using royal icing.  This icing uses dried egg whites to make it fluffy - another new thing to me.  Once all the pieces are made, they are stuck together using edible glue.
 Lastly I sprinkled two lots of shiny dusts, one violet and one diamond.  I prefer the violet.
 Looking at it now, I feel more confident to carry on with my sugarcraft, learn and improve!  I am looking forward to my new books arriving and to the start of next term, in January.  I have plenty of paste left over, so I can practice some more modelling, perhaps with a Christmas Theme!


paula said...

TOTALLY COOL ! ! ! ! !

And I saw those little fishies before I read about them . . being the daughter of an ice-fisherman I knew what the pole was also :0}

CarpeDyem said...

You never fail to make me smile Paula!