Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Knitting Is Verily Completed!

My Christmas Knitting is completed.  I have made two hand towels and five cloths.  I did start a third towel in a plain green.  I was one row into it and the wall of 'I've had enough of Christmas Knitting' came upon me thick and fast.  I tried another row, just to make sure.  I knew I'd never finish it.  I frogged it there and then.

Here is my cloth set, which I rather do like.  All the patterns are free on Ravelry.  The top one is the penguin, the green and white is the candy cane, next to that is the christmas lace, rudolph in red and the angel in white. 

 I do like making cloths, no more for a short while though.  I needed a quick hit project and reached for this yarn.  M bought it me in Lidl (or was it Aldi? I get the two so mixed up) last week.  I started doing it as the ball band pattern, thought it was too wide, frogged it and started again with six stitches.  One pompom between every two stitches.  The eyelash type yarn does have a small amount of black in it and this gives it a bit of shine.  Very Seasonal.
I now need to plan my next project.  I want to do some more cloths for someone.  I've picked out the yarn, just need to pick the patterns.  Today I was kindly given a file with knitting patterns for Mary-Jane, from LA.  There are some scrumptious patterns.  One in particular has caught my eye, stash surfing will ensue to see if I have something to match the stated yarn!  I suppose I really ought to finish her skirt that I started.  It will look nice on her.  That is decided then - Mary-Jane's skirt and the aforementioned cloths are my next projects.  That gives me time to think of the next one - and go stash surfing!

LA also lent me the Knit & Chat's crochet file.  There are a few things in there that I would like to make.  I feel some Crochet Master Classes will be bartered for in the New Year!

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