Friday, 2 December 2011

Egremont Farmers Market And Mary-Jane's Cold

At the Farmers Market in Egremont, Beckermet WI did the Refreshments.  Yesterday I tried baking 2 dozen cakes and some biscuits.  Unfortunately I couldn't get in the kitchen to decorate the cakes or to bake the biscuit dough.  I got down there at around ten and left at 12.30.  As usual at such events I seem to take the main role in washing up.  Sometimes I had company doing this and sometimes I didn't.  I didn't manage to take a good look around at the different stalls.  Virtually all the stall were hand made crafts and a couple were produce, bread and meat.  I did manage to get some fresh beetroot.  I like fresh beeetroot cooked and then roasted and served with a sunday dinner, as a vegetable.  Try it you may just be amazed!

One of the craft stalls was the first Knitting Group I found when I moved up here.  This is the Whitehaven Group.  The knit to sell.  They were very pleased to see me and gave me an open invite to return at any time, even if I couldn't get to go regularly.  Once a week would be lovely to go to a group, but a heavy committment on my time.  Especially if I'm knitting to sell.  Perhaps later on down the line.  Any how, they had some lovely hand knits for babies.  I bought this cardi for Mary-Jane.

 And this hat.  Mary-Jane has tried it on and played with it, she likes it, although not as much as Mommy's Colinette Point 5 hat!
 I also got her this jumper.  She hasn't tried it on yet.  There was another lovely spring green cardi in what I guessed to be a soft cotton, unfortunately this looked to small for her.  These three items came to a princely £4.50!  Unbelievable!
 The stall opposite the Knitting one was a lady selling hand made soap.  Making soap is on my list of things I'd like to try, but it's not high up on the list.  I had a good sniff at the soaps that appealed to me and narrowed it down to three.  The middle one is lavender, the lower one should be patchouli (for HK) and I really can't remember what the last one is!  I know I smelled the jasmine before this one, but for the life of me, can't think what it is and the smell doesn't tell me what it is.......  A few pamper baths are due!
I have spent this evening with my first Christmas Hand Towel.  I'm not far off done.  It would take easily less than an hour to complete, but it won't be tonight.
Mary-Jane's cold has taken hold of her more today.  She is quite snuffly.  She has had calpol morning and evening, and some korvol sprinkled on her clothes to help her breathe more easily.  Calpol is a liquid paracetamol for babies.  However she did perk up an hour before bedtime and so far tonight she has had a really good sleep, I have not heard a peek out of her.  Last night she awoke crying around 9.30.  When I put her back down, she settled for about 15 minutes, then was crying again.  She awoke at 01.15 crying and breaking her heart.  Big cuddles and withing minutes she started dozing on my shoulder.  She settled for the rest of the night after that  She has had an hours sleep this afternoon.  Fingers crossed she will be feeling better tomorrow.  Her cheek has flaired up terribly.  She gets a rash like redness on her cheeks when she is teething or not feeling well.  Then it gets itchy and she scratches at it.  Poor little mite.  She has let me put cream on it.  at bed time I put diprobase on.  This is an emoillant cream, which helps moisturise.  It is quite a cool cream and I am sure the coolness gave her some instant relief.  When I put it on her back, it almost stops her in her tracks, whatever she is doing or playing with in her hands, and she really enjoys the coolness and the back massage.  Please keep Mary-Jane in your thoughts!

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