Thursday, 22 December 2011

I Knit To Keep Sane - Part 1

Today has been very noisy.  Too noisy for my liking, however I have to put up with it.  Noise levels are being tried to be kept to a minimum most of the time and there is generally consideration.  Me, I'm just not used to the noise and find it hard to take.  There are six dogs in the house, one is my Rhinog.  I'll let you fill in the gaps!

I was treated to an early Christmas present today from my sister.  She treated me to a 20 minute session with some Garra Rafa fish.  You put your feet in a tank of water with these fish in and they suck your feet.  They like the dry skin.  They are about 2" long and there were about two dozen of them in the tank.  It tickled and tickled and tickled.  I giggled and giggled and giggled!  I loved it.  I'd love to go again and have more sessions and get my feet sorted.  I could feel the benefit as soon as I stood up and started walking.  So I'd recommend it, especially if you suffer with dry skin on your feet, as I do.

As my karma was being challenged today (I'm being rather PC here), it had a knock on effect with my knitting.  I was going to carry on with Mary-Jane's Lulu skirt, but I don't have the motivation for that at the moment, I wanted to start something new.  I'm a bit clothed-out still and want a couple of evenings break from that.  I did think about starting an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket.  I wanted the familiarity, I have done this pattern a fair few times.  My issue was that I needed bigger than the basic size and thought I would need to do the maths.  I will do the maths at some point.  It wasn't going to happen tonight, my head wasn't 'in the zone' for that.  By the time I'd settled, I couldn't even remember what yarn I was going to use.

I decided to start a 'Little Red Cape', designed by Erika Flory.  I already have the yarn for this.  Whilst I was rummaging down the side of the sofa, I came upon my ball of 'Loopy'.  It fitted my mental bill of what to knit tonight.  After a few rows, it no longer fitted the bill.  It is fairly straight forward to knit with, but I wanted something more straight forward.  I cast on the Cape, knitted and settled.  Jobs a good un!

I still want to make at least on of the dresses I was given the pattern for yesterday, and a thick hooded jumper.  I don't think I have the yarn, none springs to mind (for the dress).  As I type, I think that I must look through what I got from Freecycle, there maybe something in there.  It will be good to look anyway - just to remind myself what is there!  For the hooded jumper, I am thinking of using some James Brett 'Marble'.  I need to check tension and thickness of yarn etc.  Or see if I can match another pattern to the yarn.

I'm looking forward to using my stash more.  I'm very lucky to have it.  I would have gone nuts along time ago if I didn't have it.  I did have a random thought of starting a nice lacey shawl, for me.  Not quite yet.  I'll search for the right pattern and the right yarn and it will fit into place.

I have had a lot of knitty thoughts today.  It has helped keep me going.

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