Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Spirit Starting To Lurk

The Christmas Spirit is starting to sneak up on me and play peek-a-boo with me.  I bought few decorations into our room today, with a mind to put them up at some point during the day.  HK (humbug) said it was far too early to out decorations up.  I think he was pulling my leg, but I naturally pouted at him anyway.  I was going to put them up this evening, once Mary-Jane was in bed.  This evening has come and I'm a wee bit tired and just want to put my feet up and do a bit of knitting.  I didn't sleep well last night.  Rather it took me a few hours to drop off to sleep, which is very unlike me.  I used to joke that as soon as I was horizontal I would be asleep.  Years of shift work has taught me to do that - or is that years of being shattered when I get into bed?!

Anyhow.  I have started writing my Christmas Cards, I'm about two thirds done (I hope!).

We - MJ, HK & I went for a run out this afternoon.  We only went to Asda in Workington and got MJ some tights for the winter.  Now she is walking, I want to get her more into dresses again.  Whilst she was crawling, dresses just weren't practical.  Today she sported a red Tshirt and knitted leggins, (she will have hand knitted ones next winter, even if I don't get to do any this winter!) with a dark blue denim dungeree dress with a red cotton petticoat frill on the hem.  It was so lovely to see her in a dress, something a little more feminine for a change.

I have finished my Rudolph cloth and my penguin cloth (have I already mentioned that?).  I've cast on the candy cane cloth.  I'm doing this is P&C Emerald Frost.  Tomorrow is my Woodlands Knit & Natter.  Indulgence, I can't wait.  I must ensure that I have the projects I have completed this month with me, especially my crochet hat.

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