Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve, Jobs Un-Jobbed and A Late Settling To Sleep Mary-Jane

It is nearly ten o'clock, Christmas Eve.  Mary-Jane has only just settled.  This is so very unlike her indeed.  She has been crying on and off since I put her to bed. In the end HK suggested changing her PJ's.  One set of clean pj's (not that the others were dirty), a cuddle and back in bed and not a peek.  Her Pj's were quite loose fitting and we wondered whether she was getting  her legs and toes caught.  Fingers crossed she settles now.  Poor little mite, she will be shattered.

So, at this time of night, I am not turning to and going in the kitchen.  Eight pm was my cut off point.  I have already half prepared the trifle and marzipaned the second cake.  I was set to make mince pies, but I knew someone else in the house wanted to do them, so I stopped and left the kitchen free, clean and tidy.  After MJ was in bed (the first time!), HK and I had had our tea and washed the pots, the kitchen wasn't quite available for use.  I've not been able to do the jobs I wanted to do.  It's going to be hot tomorrow.  It's another case of 'fill in the gaps' . 

I had got things in my head of what I was going to write about tonight, they have all but vanished. 

HK and I decorated our living room this morning.  It is festooned with paper chains, cards and knitted decorations.  I was going to take photos, perhaps tomorrow!  I have put our stockings up on the fire place.  This is not a real fire place.  It was.  It got covered over with a plasterboard and a wooden fire place surround put on it.  Not by us. None the less, our stockings are up and I have put a couple of little presents in HK's and Mary-Jane's stocking.  We wrapped the presents last night and HK will bring them down in the morning whilst I se to Mary-Jane. 

I'm off to bed.  Goodnight and I hope you all have a very merry christmas time, whatever or however you celebrate! xxxxxx

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